Why Not?

In our Thirty One business

They ask us to state our why

Why did you join Thirty One?

When I started out one year ago

My why was pretty simple

I wanted a little extra cash to spoil my grandchildren

And Thirty One came through

A little extra cash each month

A birthday gift

Ice cream

Or striped tights

All without coming out of the main budget


But now

It’s all changed

My why has been evolving

Lately I’ve wanted a little extra cash to pay for conference

And then

I wanted to put a new rag top on the convertible

And new floor in the kitchen

But even that has changed

Just today

I still want to pay for conference

But now

I want to help my husband have a trip of a lifetime

With the man he respects more than anyone

His dad

Dad Napier has the opportunity to return to Korea

Not as a soldier

But as a civilian

He wants to see the hill he stood on

Fought for

Marched on

The land on which friendships were made

Lives were lost

Hearts broken

Young boys afraid

Some returning

Some remaining

All changed forever

Another page in the story of Dad Napier’s life

84 years old and still anticipating more pages in his life’s story

Willing to keep the chapters rolling

Willing to let those pages be revisited

Not closing the book

You’ve got to respect that!

So for now

My why has changed

A trip of a lifetime

Comes at great cost

Passports and plane tickets

All necessary

My why is now my why not

Why not get his passport?

Why not plan their trip?

Why not get his ticket?

For two men who mean the world to me

The rag top can wait

The kitchen floor can wait

But this trip

This chance for father and son to walk in a strange and foreign land

It can’t wait

It’s time is now

My Firstborn Daughter

Twenty-six years ago

A beautiful

Dark haired

Blue eyed

Bundle of love

Came into our lives!

This child for which we had prayed

This little sister for big brother to protect

Our Princess had arrived

We were in love

She was perfect in every way

A doll to dress and photograph

She grew so fast, it seemed

I can still remember watching her toddle around

She always wanted to help

Always had a wash cloth or napkin in her hand

Wanting to clean up messes

Real or imagined

Her long, long blonde hair

‘Most always in a braid

Flying behind her as she ran or rode her bike

She loved to swim

Play barbies and skate

She hated to be photographed

A lot of the pictures of her are with her hand in front of her face

A beautiful soul with a beautiful smile

I’m glad she outgrew that NO PHOTO stage!

Now she is a wife and mommy

How did that happen?

I can still remember

Her riding her trike

Her first day of school

Birthday parties with giggly girls

Eating cake and doritos

Drinking soda and koolaid

Playing games in the front room

I’m sure they are still there

I hear them laughing


Just my memories

Good ones

Thank You, God for memories

You knew how fast the time would fly

Thank You for my baby girl

Thank you, Sara

For giving this mommy so much joy

Thank you for making me a better mommy

Thank you for being not only my daughter


My friend

I love you now and forever

Happy Birthday

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing!

(you are!)

Love, Mama

Sara Collage

WHAT’S Your Hurry?!


I am tired of Winter!

It’s cold

It’s dreary

It should be over


But all that aside

When I got up this morning and realized church was cancelled

Because of the ICE and SLEET

I grumbled


I didn’t want to miss church

I didn’t want to miss the relevant Word that we would consume together

I wanted to see friends

Give hugs

Receive hugs

I didn’t want to be cooped up…again!

But then

I opened up the kitchen window curtains as I made breakfast

And there it was


Watching tiny flakes of snow swirling to the ground

Gave me a sense of Peace

And I stood there for a bit

And breathed

And smiled

And relaxed

Even tho I am tired of Winter

I  enjoyed those tranquil moments

My mind went immediately to an episode of Andy Griffith

The one where the traveling preacher “rushed” through town

His sermon of the day was “What’s Your Hurry”!

Slow down

Enjoy the journey

Relax in the peace and quiet

Take in a band concert

Make homemade ice cream

Enjoy some fresh baked cookies

Work a puzzle

Read a book


Watch out the window at the falling snow

Secure in the love of our heavenly Father

Find Peace in our circumstance

Spring WILL come

Winter won’t stay forever

Rest in that fact

Ecclesiastes 3:1-3

New Living Translation (NLT)

A Time for Everything

3 For everything there is a season,  a time for every activity under heaven.
2 A time to be born and a time to die. A time to plant and a time to harvest.
3 A time to kill and a time to heal. A time to tear down and a time to build up.

But, She Has Purple Hair!

She walks into the room and wonders

Will they ignore me?

Will they laugh at me?

Will they reject me?

She goes to class and wonders

Will they like me?

Will they talk to me?

Will they snub me?

She walks into a church and wonders

Will they accept me?

Will they scorn me?

Will they hurt me?

Who is this she?

She is the woman next to you in line

She is your Mother

Your sister

Your teacher

Your supervisor

Your neighbor

Your friend

She is every woman reading this

How do I know?


She is


It doesn’t seem to matter how confident we may appear


We are little girls

Longing for acceptance




My challenge to each of us today is this

When you walk into that room or class or church


It is full of women just like you

Be the first to make eye contact

The first to speak

The first to share

The first to reach out

And see what a difference YOU can make

Have I Got a Story For You!

Everyone has a Story

Not everyone has someone who will hear it

Everyone you come in contact with during your


Has a Story

And they are searching for someone to hear it

Someone to really listen

Someone to take the time to




Many times I’ve sat with a grandchild in my lap

Listening to the same story

Over and over again

Listening as if for the very first time

Or visiting with an elderly friend

And hearing again and again

The same story

I’m guilty of not listening too

My children will tell you of times

Multiple times

They would tell me something

And within moments

I would ask the same question

Because truth be told

I wasn’t listening

My brain was already a million miles away

Planning the next step in my already overloaded day

You know


Excuses aside

I truly hope my children felt




Because that’s what we all want

And we want to know that this Story

Our Story

Isn’t all there is to this life

That surely there is more

And that’s where we come in

Encouraging and reminding one another

That Jesus isn’t finished writing our Story

He wants much more for us

And through us

He wants us to share our Story of His Grace in our lives

So that others will know

There IS more

So today

As you go about your


Be sure to




And Share

Your Story for His Glory

Have I Got a Story For You!

You Know What Makes You Specil??

I do
I know I know

Special is spelled incorrectly

But it was written originally by a 7 year old

She was entertaining herself one day this past summer

Doing as her Papa does

Drawing on a napkin

Must be in the genes

I forever will treasure this particular napkin

Not only because it was drawn upon by my granddaughter

But because it helps me see that she is watching me

And it reminds me that what I do or say matters

She is watching

She is learning

Not only what Jesus is doing in me


What I’m doing with Him

She recognizes that without Him

I am nothing

But with Him


I need reminding

When life gets crowded

And I feel like I’m not contributing

When life gets rushed

And I feel like I accomplish nothing

I can stop


And remember

Through Christ

I can do all things

Because He first loved me

I can love

Dacey's Napkin Note

You know what makes you Specil?

You are super nice

You love everone…and

You have Faith in


Thank you, Dacey!

Thank You, Jesus!

From Success to Failure…in 2.6 Seconds

‘Tis the 1st

January 1st

New Year’s Day



Lofty dreams

Fulfilled purpose



Doesn’t take long to get through the list

Sometimes as much as a week


By days end

I read a blog from my friends at


The suggestion was made

Instead of a long litany of goals

Goals that are so unattainable

That failure is a certainty

How about




A singular term

That we can




Act upon

Every day

Last year my word was


I wrote it on chalkboards

I thought about it

I read about it

Extended it

To myself and others

Even contemplated it as a tattoo

Much easier and more effective than another

List of Resolutions

All I had to remember was Grace

And what was even better

I achieved it!

More Grace

For myself

For others

Saw the Grace of God


Every where I looked


This year

My word is


Strange word

But full of potential


For righteousness








Not only for myself

But for all

Give yourself a break

Forget the list of past failures

Start anew this year

Let’s go

From Failure to Success…in 2.6 Seconds

One Word

You Can Do It!

Then the Lord said to me, “Write my answer plainly on tablets, so that a runner can carry the correct message to others. This vision is for a future time. It describes the end, and it will be fulfilled. If it seems slow in coming, wait patiently, for it will surely take place. It will not be delayed. (Habakkuk 2:2-3) -