Why does a cup of coffee sound so good right before bed?

Why does 1.2 oz of chocolate put 2 lbs on my hips?

Why do long-lasting lipsticks only last long if it’s the wrong color?

Why is it that the perfect outfit is always in the dirty clothes hamper?

Why do beautiful shoes hurt?

Why does my convertible always have loose papers in it when it is top-down weather?

Why does my hair look its best the morning before a haircut?

Why do strappy sandals always look better on someone else?

Why do we keep holey socks?

Why does something sound like a great idea until YOU have to do it?

Why does ice-cream taste better in the winter?

Why does some assembly required spark fear in the heart of the most able-bodied parent?

Why do we wake up right before the alarm goes off?

Why does my imagination run wild until I actually need it to?

Why do women travel in groups when they go to a public restroom?

Why do cats always jump in the lap of those who are allergic?

Why does a good cry ever sound like a good idea?

Why do trucks have that sliding glass window in the back?

Why do light bulbs all seem to go out at about the same time?

Why do dishes pile up when you haven’t been home to eat in a week?

Why do we keep old towels for rags but use a new one to mop up an oil spill?

Why is it that we never spill anything on us if we are wearing an apron?

Why is it that children can’t hear us unless we are saying something we don’t want them to hear?

Why am I still up?

See the first line


2 thoughts on “Ponderings

  1. Oh Marijo…I laughed and snickered all the way through. Why do you ask so many questions? So many of them were relevant to my crazy life! Very witty, Smitty!

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