A Sprinkle or a Hurricane?

A wise Pastor once told me

“If it can be solved with money, it’s not a problem”
I usually shot back with
“Then write me a check!”

I never fully understood what he was saying until this last weekend

Our church is going through a sermon series entitled

Faith Like This

This week, Pastor Mike spoke about the Eye of the Storm

  • The eye of the storm is often the center of God’s will for our lives
  • It’s not the size of your faith, it’s the direction
  • The storm is designed to expose your faith and reveal the Son

In Luke 8: 24 it talks of the disciples and Jesus being in a boat out on the lake
A huge storm comes up and they were in real danger of dying and Jesus was napping
As the boat is taking on water, the disciples go to Jesus, waking Him up by shouting

Master! Master! We are going to drown!

In other words,

How can You just lay there snoozing when we’re all gonna die?!

Jesus woke up, sat up and hollered loud

Shut Up!!

And it did
And I imagine the disciples shut up, too
Then Jesus asked

Where is your faith?

Were they faithless men? I don’t believe so
Perhaps their faith was pointed in the wrong direction
In that moment, their faith was in the storm and its potential for destruction
Not in Jesus the Author and Finisher of their faith

When the storm calmed, the disciples were terrified and amazed

Who is this man? When he gives a command, even the wind and the waves obey

Jesus and His power were revealed in the midst of the storm


How often do we moan about a little sprinkle of rain in our lives?
The plumbing? The car? The washer died? Gas prices are sky-rocketing?
These are not big storms, just little problems—all can be fixed with money

What about the hurricanes that happen?
The scary diagnosis? The lost child? The senseless killing? Excruciating loss?
Where is Jesus in all this?
In the boat
With us
Encouraging us to keep our eyes of faith firmly fixed on Him
And not in the rising water and gale-force winds
Rest and trust Him in the Eye of the Storm

Storms will come
Life is sometimes hard
Where is your faith?

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Oxford Dictionary defines Eye of the Storm as the calm region at the center of a storm

In the center all is calm although all around is wind and rain








Frozen? Let It Go!


Are you afraid?
Is there something in your life that you feel you should do or say
But you don’t because
You are afraid?

Do you feel a prompt to act or speak
But you are frozen by

Do you look at those around you and think
I wish I was more like her?
She has it all together
She is full of confidence
She isn’t afraid of anything!

Did you ever stop to think that she is afraid?
That she really doesn’t have it all together?
That her heart pounds almost out of her chest at the thought of doing that
One thing?
That she loses sleep at night thinking about how she could have done things differently
Or not at all?

Embarrassment is her middle name
Palpitations are the drumline of her heart
Scared Sweat is the glisten on her skin
And the sour taste in her mouth?
It’s as common as the air she breathes

Do we wait until we are no longer afraid to do the things we know to do?
Do we wait until we’re comfortable?
Do we wait until we’re confident?

How does she do it?
She knows that the gut-gripping fear is not her gift to keep
She recognizes from where it came and refuses to let it rule her
2 Timothy 1:7
For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline. NLT

We need to step out in faith
Knowing our Father goes before us
Trusting Him even though we can not trust ourselves
Finding our confidence in Him

Life is short
Time is slipping
Deeds need done
People need us
We need each other
We do not have time to sit and wait for the
We may be required to do it afraid
Someone is depending on us




This picture of our granddaughter

Hannah and her daddy

Says more than my words can convey


Trust that her daddy will hold her

Trust that her daddy will NEVER hurt her

Trust that her daddy will keep her safe

She has Learned this trust and

Her daddy has Earned this trust

How much more ought we to trust

Our Heavenly Father

We can trust Him to hold us

We can trust Him to NEVER hurt us

We can trust Him to keep us safe

We can Learn this trust

HE has Earned this trust


Hannah & her Daddy

In the Quiet

In the quiet of the early morning

When life should be less intense

I find myself sitting here


Wanting to hear Your voice

Believing that I have

Wondering why the sorrow is overwhelming

It is then I realize

The pain is not from You

It comes from misplaced trust

Trust that was placed in mere mortal man

It is You dear God

Who always works life out for our good

It is You who has the perfect plan

You know the end from the very beginning

We seek Your face

We trust Your judgement

We lean on You

You direct our paths

Men may try to call the shots

But You oh Lord

Have the final say

And He Shall Supply All Our Needs

How often do we forget that God daily loads us with benefits?

Time after time

Our needs are supplied

More often than not

Our wants are satisfied, too

I’ve often sung the old song

He’ll Do It Again

You may be down and feel that God has somehow forgotten
That you are faced with circumstances you can’t get through
Right now it seems that there’s no way out and you’re going under
But God’s proven time and time again He’ll take care of you!

And He’ll do it again
He’ll do it again
Just take a look at where you are now and where you’ve been
Well hasn’t He always come through for you
He’s the same now as then
You may not know how
You may not know when
But He’ll do it again! 

We’ve been having some challenges lately

Not big by many standards

But any challenge you face seems large

When it is up close and personal


Every time God has supplied

Every time the money has been available

Every time it all worked out

I’d like to tell  you that I didn’t worry

I’d also like to tell you that I didn’t fret

I can’t

I worried

I fretted

I trusted God

Then I worried some more

I fretted some more

I gave it all to God

And I took it all back again

I prayed

I whined

I shed a few tears

And when it was over

I thanked Him

I asked for forgiveness

I asked Him to help me trust Him more

From the start

All the way to the ending

Without wavering

Without doubting

Because I know

He’ll Do It Again….and again….and again

Philippians 4:19
And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

When Life is Hard

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding
In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path
Proverbs 3: 5 & 6

When all in life is flowing smoothly this verse rolls off my tongue with ease
But give me a bump, a blip, a crack in the road
And I start crying, Please!
Please, Father God let this be the one
Please, Father God let this be done
Please, Father God, don’t let this be
Please, Father God help me to see

I desire to place my trust, my hope in You
Even when I can’t see how things will take place
I choose to not only seek Your hand
But Father, to seek Your face

I know You have a plan for us
And have from the very beginning
Nothing comes to us that You don’t already know
You are never filled with misgiving

I will keep my confidence in You
No matter what comes my way
Nothing and no one will persuade me
To cause my heart to stray

Have confidence and hope in the Lord with every fiber of your being and don’t try to reason things out in your own way

In every step that you take and every breath that you make give God the credit
And He will show you the way to go