Be a Product of the Product

A couple of weeks ago

I was with a couple of friends

And we were at a Young Living essential oil class

Meeting with like-minded oilers!

During the course of the class we watched corporate videos

Announcing new and exciting things that were going to be taking place in the company

Exciting stuff

Stuff we had been hoping and waiting for

Stuff we didn’t even know we wanted

At one point,  we divided up into teams and played a game

So many points for each item of Young Living we had with us

Here we are

Digging through our purses, our pockets

Searching for yet another Young Living product

Lip balm, Lip gloss, Thieves Waterless Hand Cleaner, Oils, Oils and more Oils

Brochures, Flyers, Supplements, NingXia, Nitro

Lotions, Diffusers, Diffuser Jewelry

Books,  T-shirts, Backpacks

Thieves Mints, Thieves Cough Lozenges, Thieves Spray

We just kept pulling out more

Our points were piling up

Our team took the longest to tally because of ALL THE PRODUCT

There were 3 on the team and our totals surpassed all the other teams

By a lot

More than double

Maybe even more than triple

Because after it was all said and done

We found more product that we didn’t even count!

We won!

Our Crown Diamond leader used this game to send home the message

Be a Product of the Product

Let others see you using your Young Living items in your

Every day, Walking around


When others see you using your oils

Your supplements

Reading the Chemistry of Oils book

Diffusing Peace & Calming at your desk

They will ask

And you can tell

How this company and all of the products have

Changed Your Life

And how it can change theirs, too!

This game, the message

Be a Product of the Product

Really got me to thinking

I love these oils and supplements and books and lip balm and and and…

But the One I truly want to be a Product of is


If you look at me you can tell that I love Young Living

Can others look at me and tell that I LOVE JESUS?

Am I a Product of HIM?

I’m not talking about wearing a t-shirt or having a bumper sticker on my car

Or sharing a meme on Facebook declaring my love for Him

Do I have Jesus spilling out of every nook and cranny of my life?

Do I talk like HIM?

Walk like HIM?

See others like HIM?

Love like HIM?

How long does it take for others to see Jesus in me?


Help me to live this life that is a gift from You

With an out loud Faith

An out loud Love

An out loud Joy

So that others will see and ask

“Why are you so different?”

And I can say

“It’s all because of Jesus”!



Have I Got a Story For You!

Everyone has a Story

Not everyone has someone who will hear it

Everyone you come in contact with during your


Has a Story

And they are searching for someone to hear it

Someone to really listen

Someone to take the time to




Many times I’ve sat with a grandchild in my lap

Listening to the same story

Over and over again

Listening as if for the very first time

Or visiting with an elderly friend

And hearing again and again

The same story

I’m guilty of not listening too

My children will tell you of times

Multiple times

They would tell me something

And within moments

I would ask the same question

Because truth be told

I wasn’t listening

My brain was already a million miles away

Planning the next step in my already overloaded day

You know


Excuses aside

I truly hope my children felt




Because that’s what we all want

And we want to know that this Story

Our Story

Isn’t all there is to this life

That surely there is more

And that’s where we come in

Encouraging and reminding one another

That Jesus isn’t finished writing our Story

He wants much more for us

And through us

He wants us to share our Story of His Grace in our lives

So that others will know

There IS more

So today

As you go about your


Be sure to




And Share

Your Story for His Glory

Have I Got a Story For You!

In My Secret Garden

I’m trying my hand at gardening this year

So far the grass is doing great

I have to see the silver lining in this adventure

even if it is the color green

Where once there was thriving crabgrass

there is now thriving crabgrass and struggling vegetables

This faith garden has battled from the very beginning

Right after I planted all my lovely little seedlings

it rained

And rained

And rained

And then to make matters worse

It hailed

While raining

I really thought I was going to have a hydroponic farm before all was said and done

It rained enough that the plants that I had painstakingly planted at proper intervals

were now crowding one another because they floated together!

I have no idea what happened to the two watermelon plants

I think they floated away

And at least one onion plant has been planted and plucked three times because I have a hard time determing what is onion and what is a hardy blade of grass

But faithfully I water and weed

and I just know I shall be rewarded

It may be humble beginnings but we shall persevere, my garden and me

I shall leave you with a photo of one of my more determined tomato plants

It may not have many leaves and it only had one bloom

but by golly, it has a tomato on it!

I call this one my Charlie Brown tomato plant

It may look a little sad but it gives me great joy to see the fruit of its labor!

I know it’s hard to see the plant for the grass but we are working on it!

Listen! Do you smell something?

I feel like I should write something

If you write when you have nothing to say

Can people hear it?

How often do we say something just because there is a lull

We really don’t have anything important to impart to our friends and neighbors

But we feel obligated to put sound,  if not knowledge out for the masses to process

My mom used to say I was talking just to hear myself talk

Maybe she was right

I wanted someone to hear me even if it was just ME

Because if someone is listening to me

That means I exist and I am valuable

I have even accused my own children of  rattling on

Just to hear themselves

When Emily was in kindergarten

I picked her up from school after I picked up the older children

They tried to be engaged in conversation before Emily got in the car because if they didn’t

She would start talking as soon as she was within earshot and they would be out of luck

They would talk about anything and everything that popped into their head

Just to keep the conversation from being turned over to her

She would be ready to explode with words by the time we got home

It was always funny

Once she wanted to tell me about her friend who had a smashed toe

She started to go into great detail on the condition of that poor little toe

If there is one thing Emily is known for, it is great attention to detail

Way more than I wanted or could stomach!

I told her she couldn’t tell me all the gory details

She would start and I would stop her

She would come at it from a different angle but still with the details and again I would stop her


She stuck her head out of the car window and just started telling her story to the wind

She HAD to get it out of her system

She HAD to share her knowledge

Even if no one would appreciate it!

We all broke up laughing at that one

As soon as she had shared her knowledge of that banged up little toe with anyone outside of our car

She was content

She had been heard

She was validated

Even if it was only by the wind

How often do we feel we have to do all the talking when we spend time with the Father?

We feel we will absolutely bust if we don’t tell Him all the things we want

How often do we just sit and listen?

Hear what He has to say to us instead of reading off our petitions?

Our Father is eager to hear us but He also longs for us to hear Him

Perhaps we should listen twice as much as we speak

After all, we have two ears and only one mouth