Be a Product of the Product

A couple of weeks ago

I was with a couple of friends

And we were at a Young Living essential oil class

Meeting with like-minded oilers!

During the course of the class we watched corporate videos

Announcing new and exciting things that were going to be taking place in the company

Exciting stuff

Stuff we had been hoping and waiting for

Stuff we didn’t even know we wanted

At one point,  we divided up into teams and played a game

So many points for each item of Young Living we had with us

Here we are

Digging through our purses, our pockets

Searching for yet another Young Living product

Lip balm, Lip gloss, Thieves Waterless Hand Cleaner, Oils, Oils and more Oils

Brochures, Flyers, Supplements, NingXia, Nitro

Lotions, Diffusers, Diffuser Jewelry

Books,  T-shirts, Backpacks

Thieves Mints, Thieves Cough Lozenges, Thieves Spray

We just kept pulling out more

Our points were piling up

Our team took the longest to tally because of ALL THE PRODUCT

There were 3 on the team and our totals surpassed all the other teams

By a lot

More than double

Maybe even more than triple

Because after it was all said and done

We found more product that we didn’t even count!

We won!

Our Crown Diamond leader used this game to send home the message

Be a Product of the Product

Let others see you using your Young Living items in your

Every day, Walking around


When others see you using your oils

Your supplements

Reading the Chemistry of Oils book

Diffusing Peace & Calming at your desk

They will ask

And you can tell

How this company and all of the products have

Changed Your Life

And how it can change theirs, too!

This game, the message

Be a Product of the Product

Really got me to thinking

I love these oils and supplements and books and lip balm and and and…

But the One I truly want to be a Product of is


If you look at me you can tell that I love Young Living

Can others look at me and tell that I LOVE JESUS?

Am I a Product of HIM?

I’m not talking about wearing a t-shirt or having a bumper sticker on my car

Or sharing a meme on Facebook declaring my love for Him

Do I have Jesus spilling out of every nook and cranny of my life?

Do I talk like HIM?

Walk like HIM?

See others like HIM?

Love like HIM?

How long does it take for others to see Jesus in me?


Help me to live this life that is a gift from You

With an out loud Faith

An out loud Love

An out loud Joy

So that others will see and ask

“Why are you so different?”

And I can say

“It’s all because of Jesus”!



Cheat? Who? Me?!


One definition of the word from is

adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

Of late, I have heard many people say

“we need integrity in America”

I’ve seen the posts of how America is faultering

How our congress and president are not walking in “integrity”

Seems we want everyone to have integrity



Some of the very people that are pointing fingers

Don’t realize just how many they have pointing back at them

We want our president;preacher;friend;children;parents;coworker;teacher;etc

Living a life of honesty

But when it comes to us

We feel we can fudge just a bit and there’s no harm

No one will know

We can cheat while playing a board game


Go above the speed limit


Eat a grape while walking thru the grocery store


Say we’ll call and then forget


Skim a little on our taxes


Tell a white lie


Just a little

I’ve heard it said that Character is doing the right thing
Even when no one is looking

Our Father God is ALWAYS looking

It’s time we Christians take care of the plank in our own eyes

If every Christian walked the life of Integrity

What a difference that would make in our homes

Our businesses

Our church

Our America