Bucket List (Just the Beginning)


I may be a day late and a dollar short

But I’m jumping on the band wagon

Bucket List

Maybe it’s because we are empty nesters

Or I don’t have a full time job

Or I realize I have less of life in front than in behind

(in more ways than one)

But I have decided there are things I want to do before Jesus calls me home

Some are frivolous

Some are serious

Some may spark something in you, dear reader

Something besides laughter or fear!

I want to record a CD

I want to travel around ministering to women

I want to run a 5K

I want to open a coffee and cookie shop

I want a sunroom or screened in porch

I’d like to take a train trip

I want to go to Hawaii

I want to go to the Grand Canyon

I want to have beautiful teeth

I want all my grandchildren to think I am awesome

I want to be known as a prayer warrior

I want to have the type of body that could pull off wearing a bikini
(I wouldn’t wear one, I just want the body)

I want to paint a beautiful watercolor

I want to learn to love to cook

I want to take a conceal/carry class

 I want to own a red pickup truck

I want to be generous with my love, time, money and resources

I want everyone to see Jesus in me


4 thoughts on “Bucket List (Just the Beginning)

  1. Wow ?giving me something to think about ? @ this time my Bucket list would be more general , especially the last 3 years , enjoy each day , live purposely, write @ least 3 more books , leave a Legacy that would encourage & motivate others ( especially women) finish strong ??

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  2. I always enjoy your wit and wisdom MariJo. I have many of the same desires on my my bucket list and you do yours but I would have to had.
    1. I want to go on a 3-4 week trip of Italy.
    2. I want to learn to speak Italian (should probably of listed this before the trip)
    3. I want to learn a musical instrument.
    4. Write a novel.
    5. Live on the water (in a year round warm climate)

  3. I should add to this as things come to my mind 🙂
    I took Italian, German, Spanish and French diction so I can sorta speak all those languages but have no idea what I’m saying! lol

  4. I love your bucket list!!!! I don’t have one of my own but I do have a few items to share.
    I want to train my dog on an agility course.
    I want to learn to speak Pennsylvania Dutch and talk to the Amish.
    I want to have God’s Love oozing out of me.
    I want to learn to bake like my Nanny.
    I want Sophia to LOVE me and for us to have a connection like no one else.
    I want to stay in love with my husband and love him more and more everyday.
    I want to live in a cabin in the mountains of Colorado with my husband and have a little farm.
    I want to have no fear.
    I want to be known as a Prayer Warrior Too.

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