You Just Never Know!

He reminded me of the character Carl from the movie Up

Big glasses

Slight frame

White hair

All alone in the Men’s underwear aisle of WalMart

As I passed by the area doing frantic Christmas shopping of my own

He toddles towards me with a package of men’s T-shirts held out before him

“Are these a size small?” he asks

“Because I wear a small. I know because I looked before I came.”

Indeed they are, I tell him

“I wear a small so these should fit, right?”

Right, I say

“My wife always did this for me” he says

“I don’t have her no more.”

Not really sad, just matter-of-factly

I tell him I’m so sorry

Then I start to walk away

He then says

“There’s just so many to look through and I also need shorts”

I smile

Here I am in WalMart helping a complete stranger find underwear!

I show him the wall of “shorts”

Briefs or Boxers?

I wonder but don’t say anything

He looks bewildered by it all


I tell him the briefs are on this end of the aisle and the boxers at the other

I certainly don’t want to ASK him which he prefers!

He picks up a package of boxers

Brings them to me and asks

“Are these small? I think I wear small”

No, the L on the package means Large

He puts them back

As I start to walk away again

TWO clerks walk into the aisle

I leave him knowing they will take good care of my little man

And just to be sure

I tell them all I know about him

I walk away trying not to burst into big snot-slinging tears

My heart was breaking for this complete stranger

Who now has to navigate the big bad world of underwear all alone

Because his mate has gone before him

And left him to buy underwear

All alone

Makes me wonder just how many other firsts he has had to endure




Grocery shopping?


Dr appointments?




Is there someone in his life to make these firsts a little easier?

A son and daughter-in-law?

A daughter and son-in-law?

Or is there only the complete stranger helping him buy his underwear?

Thank You, Father for allowing me the privilege of being Your hands extended

Even if it was in the underwear aisle



One thought on “You Just Never Know!

  1. Reblogged this on Marijo Sings and commented:

    I’ve seen my little feller a couple of times since I first posted this. Once, in the WalMart parking lot and once, at breakfast in a local restaurant. He was by himself each time. 😦

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