Slow Me Down, Lord


Fast paced lives

Rushing here

Rushing there

Always rushing

Bolt your food and gulp your coffee

Throw some laundry in the machine

Toss the dishes in the sink

Dash out the door

Meetings, meeting, meetings

Lunch with clients

Then off to the next thing

Even stay-at-home moms are not immune

Get the kids up and out the door

Kiss the air by the husbands ear

Hit the gym

Go to the store

Visit the sick at the hospital

Back home to fix food for family and an extra for the sick friend

Boot and re-boot the laundry

Fix lunch

Wash the kitchen floor

Bake cookies for a teacher’s gift

Remember we haven’t had a shower today

Jump in for a 5 minute wash


The kids are off the bus

Time for homework, sports and choir practice

No time to dawdle

Why do we do it to ourselves?

No white space at all in our frantic life

Where in all this frantic pace can we hear the Shepherd’s voice?

We say we have no time to listen

No time to tune in

No time

God will meet us where we are

Over the sink of dishes or sitting at our desk

But we have to shut out some of the noise

We have to create a white space in our lives

We can not fill every moment of every day with stuff

It is not what God intended

Even Jesus had to get away to pray and hear His Father’s voice

Slow me down, Lord

A friend gave me a magnet with this on it

A great reminder

So, as we rush through this life filled to the brim with good things and not so good things,

Let’s pause



I firmly believe if God is in it

He will work out all the details



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