Why Not?

In our Thirty One business

They ask us to state our why

Why did you join Thirty One?

When I started out one year ago

My why was pretty simple

I wanted a little extra cash to spoil my grandchildren

And Thirty One came through

A little extra cash each month

A birthday gift

Ice cream

Or striped tights

All without coming out of the main budget


But now

It’s all changed

My why has been evolving

Lately I’ve wanted a little extra cash to pay for conference

And then

I wanted to put a new rag top on the convertible

And new floor in the kitchen

But even that has changed

Just today

I still want to pay for conference

But now

I want to help my husband have a trip of a lifetime

With the man he respects more than anyone

His dad

Dad Napier has the opportunity to return to Korea

Not as a soldier

But as a civilian

He wants to see the hill he stood on

Fought for

Marched on

The land on which friendships were made

Lives were lost

Hearts broken

Young boys afraid

Some returning

Some remaining

All changed forever

Another page in the story of Dad Napier’s life

84 years old and still anticipating more pages in his life’s story

Willing to keep the chapters rolling

Willing to let those pages be revisited

Not closing the book

You’ve got to respect that!

So for now

My why has changed

A trip of a lifetime

Comes at great cost

Passports and plane tickets

All necessary

My why is now my why not

Why not get his passport?

Why not plan their trip?

Why not get his ticket?

For two men who mean the world to me

The rag top can wait

The kitchen floor can wait

But this trip

This chance for father and son to walk in a strange and foreign land

It can’t wait

It’s time is now


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