My Firstborn Daughter

Twenty-six years ago

A beautiful

Dark haired

Blue eyed

Bundle of love

Came into our lives!

This child for which we had prayed

This little sister for big brother to protect

Our Princess had arrived

We were in love

She was perfect in every way

A doll to dress and photograph

She grew so fast, it seemed

I can still remember watching her toddle around

She always wanted to help

Always had a wash cloth or napkin in her hand

Wanting to clean up messes

Real or imagined

Her long, long blonde hair

‘Most always in a braid

Flying behind her as she ran or rode her bike

She loved to swim

Play barbies and skate

She hated to be photographed

A lot of the pictures of her are with her hand in front of her face

A beautiful soul with a beautiful smile

I’m glad she outgrew that NO PHOTO stage!

Now she is a wife and mommy

How did that happen?

I can still remember

Her riding her trike

Her first day of school

Birthday parties with giggly girls

Eating cake and doritos

Drinking soda and koolaid

Playing games in the front room

I’m sure they are still there

I hear them laughing


Just my memories

Good ones

Thank You, God for memories

You knew how fast the time would fly

Thank You for my baby girl

Thank you, Sara

For giving this mommy so much joy

Thank you for making me a better mommy

Thank you for being not only my daughter


My friend

I love you now and forever

Happy Birthday

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing!

(you are!)

Love, Mama

Sara Collage


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