Have I Got a Story For You!

Everyone has a Story

Not everyone has someone who will hear it

Everyone you come in contact with during your


Has a Story

And they are searching for someone to hear it

Someone to really listen

Someone to take the time to




Many times I’ve sat with a grandchild in my lap

Listening to the same story

Over and over again

Listening as if for the very first time

Or visiting with an elderly friend

And hearing again and again

The same story

I’m guilty of not listening too

My children will tell you of times

Multiple times

They would tell me something

And within moments

I would ask the same question

Because truth be told

I wasn’t listening

My brain was already a million miles away

Planning the next step in my already overloaded day

You know


Excuses aside

I truly hope my children felt




Because that’s what we all want

And we want to know that this Story

Our Story

Isn’t all there is to this life

That surely there is more

And that’s where we come in

Encouraging and reminding one another

That Jesus isn’t finished writing our Story

He wants much more for us

And through us

He wants us to share our Story of His Grace in our lives

So that others will know

There IS more

So today

As you go about your


Be sure to




And Share

Your Story for His Glory

Have I Got a Story For You!


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