You Know What Makes You Specil??

I do
I know I know

Special is spelled incorrectly

But it was written originally by a 7 year old

She was entertaining herself one day this past summer

Doing as her Papa does

Drawing on a napkin

Must be in the genes

I forever will treasure this particular napkin

Not only because it was drawn upon by my granddaughter

But because it helps me see that she is watching me

And it reminds me that what I do or say matters

She is watching

She is learning

Not only what Jesus is doing in me


What I’m doing with Him

She recognizes that without Him

I am nothing

But with Him


I need reminding

When life gets crowded

And I feel like I’m not contributing

When life gets rushed

And I feel like I accomplish nothing

I can stop


And remember

Through Christ

I can do all things

Because He first loved me

I can love

Dacey's Napkin Note

You know what makes you Specil?

You are super nice

You love everone…and

You have Faith in


Thank you, Dacey!

Thank You, Jesus!


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