O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree!

I tried

I really really did


I just can’t do it!

I cannot have a foo foo Christmas tree

It just isn’t in my DNA

I bought the matching ornaments in various textures of purple

A million miles of wired silver ribbon

White LED lights

Shoulda been perfect

Shoulda been awe inspiring




I don’t even want to look at it

And when I do

It makes me cry


I said it

I’ve CRIED over a Christmas tree

Too much negative emotion for a love statement



I will bring out my precious sentimental ornaments once again

And place them lovingly amongst the purple

And add colored lights that twinkle

And I will love my tree again

I will cry

But they will be tears of joy and remembrance

I will sit this evening in my chair

And gaze upon a beautiful site

I’m happy tonight

Walking down memory lane

Blown Egg Ornament by Grandma Brown


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