She’s Having a Baby!

My baby

Having a baby


I haven’t yet quite wrapped my brain around the fact that she is now a married woman

All grown up

There were times when she was little

That I honestly didn’t think both of us would make it

Can we say

Strong willed?


She has always known what she wanted

It was our job to point her in the right direction and let her make up her own mind

Believe me!

It HAD to be her idea!

Many tears were cried

By her

And by us

Seek God?

You bet!

Read James Dobson books?

Oh yeah!



But then

It happened

She was this awesome mighty woman of God!

She married the man of her dreams

(even if he didn’t drive a red jeep )

How proud I am of her and Dustin

Working together as a couple

Walking in righteousness

Loving each other

She’s becoming a farmer’s wife

That one still baffles me

This little one who would scream at the sight of anything

Creepy crawly

Real or imagined

She’s learning how to work cattle

Give them shots

Wear yucky boots

And get peed on

 She pursued her passion of photography

She seeks God at every turn

She searches out scripture for herself

She cannot be swayed

She stands firm

She submits to her husband

She loves fully

And now


She’s having a BABY


I see the baby bump growing

I talk to Nana’s Baby B

But still

It seems surreal

My baby is having a baby!

It doesn’t make me feel old

It just blows my mind







She will be an awesome Mommy

She’s already been an awesome Daughter!

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