Pete & Repeat Was Born & Reborn

Spent some time today

Clearing out a dresser to give away

It belonged to my Grandma

Then my Mom used it

It was in our guest/play room

It held baby doll clothes in the bottom drawer

Easy access for the grands


I cleaned it out to give to one of our daughters

I found in the top drawer

Things from my past

The program from my Senior Recital

My college diploma

Some pictures

A coaster my daddy had made

A vanity mirror my grandma had decorated

My daddy’s billfold

An envelope

On it was simply written

Marijo’s Births

I wondered what that meant

I figured it was birth announcements sent to family members

Inside I found

My baby birth announcement

The surprise of their life

Was the Queen of their hearts

I didn’t know

And also inside I found 2 letters

One written by my daddy and the other by my mom

Both to my grandma

Telling of my re-birth

How thrilled they were that their prayers had been answered

I had given my heart to Jesus

I’ll keeps these precious mementos

A connection to my past

A glimpse into my future

I was born

I am reborn

Birth Announcement

letter from daddy


From Mom


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