Let Me Call You Sweetie…..

I’m in Love With You

Variation on a song title


I use nicknames


I said it

Babe Sweetie Honey Sugar

Probably more that I don’t even realize

I’ll be in the kitchen and I’ll holler out

Babe! Bring me…..


Mark will eventually answer by saying

You talking to me?

Now when the children lived at home

This response made sense

But now

Not so much

Because our dog Reagan can not bring me anything!

But then again

I have called HIM Babe a time or two

I call younger girls Sweetie

Especially if something emotional is going on with them

Or it’s their birthday

Or just because

I guess I don’t need a real reason

It’s just a term of endearment

But I do draw the line at calling a grown woman who is older than me


Then it just seems demeaning

Am I right?

I just know when some young thing calls me


Hairs stand up on the back of my neck

And I want to reply with something like



Is this an oxymoron in my life?

I can use terms of endearment

Down the age scale but not up?


That should be the rule

I’m sure it’s written somewhere

Mark doesn’t use terms of endearment

My parents named me Marijo

That’s my name

That’s what he calls me

He tried using a nickname once

I think it was Honey

Sounded foreign coming from him

So he didn’t do it again


I do remember a few nicknames from my child hood

My mom would call me

Princess Pit Pat

That was the cleaned up version for when company was around

It was slightly different when there were no witnesses

My daddy once called me a name

I won’t repeat it

I’m sure I was being what he called me

But he shouldn’t have said that

He only did it once

But I still remember that pain

The neighbor boys used to call me Margo

They even sang a little song when they did it

It was based on the commercial of a toy from that time

You may remember

Marvel the Mustang

A riding toy horse

Marvel the Mustang

We Love You!

I sure wanted one of those

Til the nickname came


As if that wasn’t bad enough

They sang the song

Only they changed it

Margo the Mustang

We Hate You!

It’s been about 45 years since then

And I remember it like it was yesterday

The pain was deep

But I tried to laugh

So those boys wouldn’t know how deeply they hurt me

It was just a joke to them

But it wasn’t a term of endearment


Be careful with those not so endearing names you throw around

You never know how they will hit the target

Let my words be sweet and loving and kind

May those who come in contact with them

Be lifted up and encouraged


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