Somebody’s Prayin’

After my brother’s memorial service

My sister-in-law asked me if there was anything of his I wanted

I couldn’t think of anything except maybe some pictures from long ago

If she didn’t want them

I came away from her house with boxes of wooden items my daddy had turned on his lathe

He got that after he retired

He thought it would be interesting to learn

He made candle sticks and trinket boxes

Some coasters

So now I have those

Enough to share with my children

Even tho Bryan is the only one who knew Daddy

Barbara gave me a box of pictures

But I haven’t gone thru them yet

Not ready

She also gave me a magazine side table that my Grandma had by her bed

It looks handmade

Maybe by my Grandpa

I sure hope so

Adds to the character


Another treasure she gave to me was Grandma’s Bible

Large print

King James Version

It has a couple of bookmarks in it

And a few passages underlined

But what makes it even more special

Is the strip of cardstock that is covered in names

Family members and friends

Lovingly added to as time went on

Marriages and births

Children and grandchildren

Some names marked out

I’m sure because they had passed on


It was very reassuring to see my name on that list

Knowing my Grandma lifted my name in prayer

She then added my husband and my first child

I remember Grandma sitting in her recliner every morning and every evening

Reading her Bible

Singing hymns

And praying

For us

How I loved that woman of God

How I miss her

How thankful I am for the legacy she left behind

Who knows where we’d be

If Grandma hadn’t prayed



2 thoughts on “Somebody’s Prayin’

  1. This is so sweet! What a blessing! I am
    So glad you are writing again!!! Love reading your blogs. Love you.

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