You’re a Good Kid…

But there’s no demand for good goats

My brother, my big brother, my only brother

Said this to me every time he saw me

For my whole life

All the while giving me a big bear hug

Then he would say

You’re alright! You know it?

I was an oops baby

I came 15 years after my brother

13 years after my sister

I was the ultimate baby doll for my sister

She would take care of me

Dress me

Feed me

Love me

Buy things for me

Then tell me how rotten I was

That I was the favorite child

For my brother

I was the Perfect One

I was a genius

I was beautiful

I was talented

Every pay day

He would come home

Clean up

Then go out again

And he would always say

I’ll bring the girl back a trifle

Sometimes that “trifle” was a bottle of ice cold Pepsi

Or a Snickers

Once it was a “diamond” ring

I was a princess for sure that week

I still have my ring

My brother was my first prince

My brother had many mental challenges

He didn’t finish school

Left in the middle of 9th grade

They told my parents it was no use

He couldn’t learn

He probably had the mental capacity of a 12 year old

He struggled to read even a comic book

But put a Bible in his hands

And his comprehension SOARED

Algebra for me, the genius was impossible

But for my brother

All you had to do was read the problem aloud to him

He would solve it

Many people took advantage of his good nature and slow thinking

But he never let that keep him from trying

Once he was in a car accident

And a shyster lawyer and doctor thought they had found the perfect mark

After bogus xrays

Said doctor tried to convince my brother that he needed all kinds of medical treatment

Showed him xrays proving his point

My brother told him

Those are not mine

The doctor argued that yes indeed they were and he needed medical treatment

It was then that my brother pointed out to the “doctor”

That the xrays he was using to explain this medical problem

Belonged to a person who had a full set of teeth in his mouth

Whereas my brother

Only had one!

Tell me now

Who was smarter?

My brother passed away

June 7, 2013

At 8:20pm

His wife of nearly 40 years

His lifelong friend and now his brother in law

One sister in law

And his baby sister

By his side

Oh how I wanted him to open his eyes and tell me

You’re a good kid…

Just one more time

He’s with Jesus and our parents and our sister

It’s weird to be the sole survivor of your childhood family unit

Someone told me I was too young to be the last

Now I have no one to connect me to the child me

I feel unanchored

No one left to ask about the past

Or to say

Remember when…

So very thankful for my childhood friends

A connection to a bit of the past

And thankful for my husband and children and grandchildren

My connection to the here and now

Although he drove me crazy

I love my big brother

I will miss you!

I’ll see you soon

at Emily's wedding

at Emily’s wedding


3 thoughts on “You’re a Good Kid…

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your brother. I know he is in a better place and reunited with the rest of your family. Love you sister, holler if you need anything. Prayers have been sent your way.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your brother, Marijo–he sounds like he was a wonderful one. Hope your special memories of him and knowing that you will see him again bring you comfort now.

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