How Does Your Garden Grow?

Our garden is in the ground

Things are growing quite nicely




I ask myself

How can this happen?

When it was tilled

I threw out tons of weed roots

Grass roots

The soil was loose and ready to receive the plants

I thought this year

We had it made!



When I wasn’t looking

Up popped the grass

Although not as thick as in years past

It was still there


As I bent over the ground and pulled

And pulled



I kept thinking

This garden is just like my life

I think I’m going along quite nicely

And then


Weeds have taken root

Weeds of bitterness



The list can be quite lengthy

And just like in my natural garden

I think to myself

It will go a lot faster if I just pull up what is seen

Not worry about the roots

At least it will look better

It will look like a well tended garden

Because no one can see the roots that are deep under the surface

For all intents and purposes

It will look great

For a while

And then I stop

Who am I trying to impress with my weedless garden?

I’m not out for show

I’m here to produce fruit

I want an effective life

One with good roots

Planted on good soil

With great outcome


Back to the weed pulling

In the garden and my life

We may not be perfect

My garden and I

But we are striving to be

All that God wants

And we WILL produce

A great harvest


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