Hold Dear; Hold Tight—Remember

Memorial Day

Remembrance Day

The state of being remembered

Hot dogs


Homemade ice cream





A day set aside just for remembering

Remembering those who have served in times past

Remembering those who serve today

Remembering the families that sacrificed time

So that we might have the chance to


People also make this a day to remember

Family members who have gone on

We lay flowers on their final resting place

We stand there and


Growing up in my family

We never went to gravesides

Never placed a flower

Never stood before a stone and said


It doesn’t mean I don’t remember

It doesn’t mean I don’t think of them often

I just think of them differently

I remember the time

Daddy was laying in his hospital bed

On Thankgiving

I brought him pumpkin pie

He wasn’t supposed to eat the crust



What did that matter?

I fed him his pie

Crust and all

And for it he was


I remember going to work with him during Summer break

And being paid in a carton of ice cold chocolate milk

I recall the many times he filled my car with oil

Before I drove off for college

How he would slip a twenty in my hand before I left

I remember my Grandma

Coming for visits

Playing dolls with me

Making up songs that were just for me

And all about me

Playing Wahoo on Friday nights

After making homemade pizza

I remember how she smellled

So sweet

And that her skin was always cool to the touch

I remember how my sister

Always spoiled me

Even while calling me spoiled

How she would take care of me

Dress me

Scratch my back at night before I would drift off to sleep

I remember her bringing home a cup of hot fudge

Just for me

How she always made

Million Dollar Fudge for Christmas

And would make an extra pan

Just for her favorite nephew

I remember how Pastor

Would call me Dear

And how his aftershave smelled

And how he usually had peanuts

Once he gave me money

To help pay for the car of my dreams

He said

It isn’t much but that car is yours and I want to help you get it

I remember Mom

She loved me

I remember her singing to me when I was little

Sing the Ice Cream Cone song, Mama

Sing Barbara Allen

Sing the song about how the man came home drunk, Mama
That one’s so funny!


I don’t have to go to an earthly grave to remember

And just because I don’t

Doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten

I remember


I will be remembered

I want my children to recall with great fondness

All the fun we had

How life was lived

Not put on a shelf to be admired

But to be used and worn completely out

How we laughed

How I would forget the question I had just asked them

Or how I could never remember the name of the movie we were watching

And about the time I walked them into the school

Wearing my pink robe

Or the time we ran out of gas on the way to school

I want them to remember how it felt to have my arms wrapped tight around them

Protecting them with everything I had in me

 I want them to remember that I was big and brave

Even when I was so scared

The eskimo kisses

The songs I sang just for them

The times I slept with them upon my chest when they were sick

How I would ride with them on the Merry Go Round

Even tho it made me sick

I want my grandchildren to remember


The park

Playing board games


Singing worship songs

Watching I Love Lucy and Andy Griffith

How I would tell them

I love you to the moon and back

Butterfly kisses

Warm cookies and cold milk

But most of all I want to be remembered

As a woman who loved

God and her family

Today we are making the memories for tomorrow


One thought on “Hold Dear; Hold Tight—Remember

  1. Awesome Marijo…. so well put. I too do not like to stand before grave stones but remember those with all the memories in my heart… tears are shed for those that we remember but really they are shed for myself as they are smiling in heaven and my job is to see others that I want to remember me get to be told about Jesus so we will all be together for eternity. love J

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