My Son the Man

I know, I know

This is something I should have known


I didn’t realize it til this week

My baby boy

The first born

The blessed only son

Is no longer my baby boy

He is a man

I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks one way

When reality says something totally different

Am I?

I mean

To me, I will be forever 27

Doesn’t matter that I am now twice that age

When I think of myself

Which really isn’t all that often

I think of myself as 27

Not a teenager

But not old

So it stands to reason that in my mind

My son will always be my baby boy

The baby who was never any trouble

Who excelled at sitting up by the age of 5 months

Who was walking by 9 months

Who didn’t cut his first tooth until he was 10 months

Who lit up our lives just with a smile

Always a thinker

I used to walk into his room and find him laying on his bed

What are doing, Son
I would ask

he replied

Always thinking

About how things worked

Why they didn’t

What can I invent

And will I be famous

He was married by age 19

A father by age 21

Teaching his daughters the way they should go

Loving them

Encouraging them

Supporting them

So why did it take me so long to see that my baby boy was now a man?

I don’t know

Mother’s love?

Mother’s blindness?

Hoping beyond hope that nothing had changed even tho every thing has?

But I saw my son

My baby boy

In a new light this week

The boy has become a man

A man in whom I am well pleased

A good man

A good husband and father

No longer a child

And that




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