Who Are You Hanging With?

I’ve been thinking lately

About Jesus and His crew

You know

The people He was closest to

His peeps

That motley group of men

That gave up everything

To follow Him

Jesus hung with these guys

Day in and day out

Ate with them

Ministered with them

Traveled with them


He didn’t just hang with them

He ate with the sinners

He drank at the well with the sinners

He walked and talked among the sinners

He took Himself to the sinners

Isn’t that what we are supposed to do?

Take Jesus with us every where we go?

To the highways and the byways

To the soccer fields

To WalMart

To our favorite restaurants

To our neighbors

We might even need to hang out in a few places


I thought about all of this because I want to invite people to church

And invite people to get to know my Jesus

And I realized

99% of the people I hang with

Already know Him!

So you may see me hanging out in some places

And you may wonder what I’m doing

And I’ll just tell you

I’m taking Him out of the building

And I’m taking Jesus to the streets!


One thought on “Who Are You Hanging With?

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