Put Your Behind In Your Past

I’ve heard it said

Normal is only a setting on the dryer

Maybe it is

Maybe it isn’t

My normal may not be your normal

As yours will not be mine

But even dryers are all different

Their normal is their own

And my normal is

Well, mine

And right now my normal is different

Changes are taking place

Things have moved

I keep bumping into furniture

Doors and walls

I’m not sure where I’m going

The plan is to move forward

But it sometimes feels like spinning wheels

My husband wrote about something I told our granddaughter this morning

Watch where you’re going
Not where you’ve been

If we are always looking behind us

We can’t see what’s in front

The past is Behind

We have to look to where we are going in order to see pitfalls and glories

The one we will fall into

The other we will miss


3 thoughts on “Put Your Behind In Your Past

  1. That’s a good one! I think of the Lion King movie. Pumbaa, the pig character, said “… you gotta put your behind in your past.” 🙂

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