A New Christmas Morning

A different Christmas morning

All is quiet

No phone calls or walky talkies requesting permission to rush out of bed

First stop:

Must see if baby Jesus came!

Second stop:

Must see if Santa came!

It’s ok

It really is

This quiet that I hear

The children are grown

Some with babes of their own

Wonderful adults

Who now think of others before they think of themselves

How many Christmas mornings did I worry and fret?

Will they love all their gifts?

Will they love all the love?

Do they know how I’ve worried?

Did we get the right game?

Was it what they wanted?

Do they know how much we love them?

When they were children

We tried to be equal in gifts

What pressure!

Now as adults

They are grateful for the thought and love that went into the purchase

Not whether one received 3 but another got 4!

We’ve passed down traditions

No Bing before Thanksgiving dinner
No Jesus in the manger until Christmas morning
The reading of the Christmas story before the gifts are opened
And a grateful heart

Makes mama happy and proud!


3 thoughts on “A New Christmas Morning

  1. All of life brings changes. How we choose to look at them determines whether or not we appreciate the blessings that God is bringing. We eventually get used to the things that are different, and find out that God is still bringing us special gifts even while the circumstance is changing.

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