Cracked Bells and Road Weary Ornaments

Sitting here reflecting on the day

Christmas music playing

Soon a welcoming fire will be lit

Christmas potpourri simmering on the stove

The tree will be trimmed tonight

A tree that has been in my life for 40+ years

It’s a little worse for wear

But isn’t that how things are supposed to be?

What’s the good of having things if they don’t get used?

So what if they are a little bedraggled

A little lopsided

A little worn?

I’ve picked out the ornaments to display

I thought about having the picture perfect tree

Ornaments that matched

With ribbons placed “just so”

A color scheme perhaps?

A character theme instead?

Going thru the tubs of ornaments and decorations

I tried to do just that

Instead I’m drawn to other things

That make my heart just smile

Things like…

Little handmade ornaments made of aluminium foil

Painstakingly written upon by a budding artist

With Jesus in her heart and Santa on her mind

Or the worn and weary looking handmade nativity that just cannot be discarded

The ornaments with photos of toothless grins and mismatched clothes

The felt teddy bear and bunny lovingly made by grandma mom

Or the original Elf on the Shelf that I’ve had for 50 years

Or the pencil topper Elf I’ve had for 45

The cracked porcelain bell that has been placed in our tree since I was a little girl

The salt dough ornaments that are cracked with age

Even if they were only made a year or two ago

By sweet grandchildren hands

The felt mouse that holds a candy cane

The McDonald toy Dalmations that seem to hide everywhere but in plain sight

The old and scratched ornaments that my grandma used on her tree

The new and shiny ornaments given with love by good friends

As I look upon each of these precious items

I cannot help but smile

Though it may look a little “Charlie Brownish”

And the ornaments don’t match

A more beautiful tree I will never see


2 thoughts on “Cracked Bells and Road Weary Ornaments

  1. Love you MJ. As always, a blessing when you share these thoughts with us. I experience the same thing when the Christmas stuff comes out.

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