Cheat? Who? Me?!


One definition of the word from is

adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

Of late, I have heard many people say

“we need integrity in America”

I’ve seen the posts of how America is faultering

How our congress and president are not walking in “integrity”

Seems we want everyone to have integrity



Some of the very people that are pointing fingers

Don’t realize just how many they have pointing back at them

We want our president;preacher;friend;children;parents;coworker;teacher;etc

Living a life of honesty

But when it comes to us

We feel we can fudge just a bit and there’s no harm

No one will know

We can cheat while playing a board game


Go above the speed limit


Eat a grape while walking thru the grocery store


Say we’ll call and then forget


Skim a little on our taxes


Tell a white lie


Just a little

I’ve heard it said that Character is doing the right thing
Even when no one is looking

Our Father God is ALWAYS looking

It’s time we Christians take care of the plank in our own eyes

If every Christian walked the life of Integrity

What a difference that would make in our homes

Our businesses

Our church

Our America



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