And I Shall Wear Black

My heart is heavy

Beloved tv icon

Andy Griffith has died

I knew it would happen


Just don’t like it

I grew up with the Andy Griffith Show

Watched him every time he was on

Which if I remember correctly

Was Monday through Friday

Now I watch him daily on Netflix

It seems so crazy to mourn so strongly

over someone I’ve never met

But I felt as though I knew him

Wanted him at my wedding

Wanted to sit and talk politics and life with him

Wanted to pat those cheeks!

As Matlock he had me convinced he was the best lawyer in the world

As Andy he was the world’s best dad and friend

Yes, we all wanted Ange as our dad

He was always fair

Always loving

Always lending a helping hand

Always Barney’s saving grace

Always looking out for our best

We will miss you Andrew Samuel Griffith

But you are as close as you’ve always been

Forever in Mayberry

Forever in our hearts


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