Three Little Words A Mother Loves to Hear

It was Mother’s Day 2012

A day set aside to honor our Mothers

All around the world

Mothers were receiving breakfast in bed

Burnt toast and runny eggs

With grounds in the coffee

Beautiful bouquets of fragrant flowers

Picked from the neighbor’s yard with clumps of dirt still clinging


Homemade with construction paper and crayons

Glitter and glue


With sentiments written by HallMark or DaySpring

Gifts of great worth wrapped in newspaper and tied with dental floss

Showered with jelly kisses and hugs

Phone calls and texts with messages of

I love you!

Happy Mother’s Day!

You’re the Best!

I’m glad you’re my mom!

This year all my children are grown

Our nest is empty

No breakfast in bed

No cards

No flowers from the garden

No jelly kisses

Or gifts wrapped in newspaper


Beautiful flowers and sweet candy from the youngest

Text messages from them all

Happy Mother’s Day!

Have I told you lately how much you mean to me?

I’m so glad you’re MY mom!

I love you!

I know it may sound cliche’

But EVERY day is Mother’s Day

My children always let me know how much they love me!

They honor me in word and deed

What more could I ask for?

Three Little Words

The best I heard that day

Words that I thought I would never hear

Words that made my heart soar

What were they?


Our children have all found their niche

Their place of worship

A place where they can serve and be served

This mothers heart is happy and thrilled

All because of three little words!


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