He Knew My Name

Chatting with friends over lunch one Sunday

We know one another but not real well

Laughing and eating

Learning and caring

Asking and answering

Hearing how the couple met

Telling how I was the answer to Mark’s prayer

Found out they were from Tulsa

Worked and lived there during some of the same time I was there

Both were mail carriers

One carried on the South side of town

The other on the North–my side

Told him my maiden name

And he told me my address

Knew our name and address

After all these years

The milkman’s daughter met the mailman!

He knew me before he met me

Just like God

He knows me

Before I was even born

He knew me!

He knew exactly how I looked

What I would act like

Who I would marry

How many children I would have

Where I would live

How I would live

He knew me and He loved me

There is great comfort in that


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