Tis the Season

Gardening season, that is!

The ground is tilled


And ready to be planted


This year I am putting down weed barrier

Call me what you will

But I gotta try to stay ahead of the weeds this year

Last year they slaughtered me!


I went to WalMart solely to buy weed barrier

But did I buy enough for my lil plot of tilled ground?


It is about 1/2 covered

So another trip to WalMart is in order

Just not tonight

I’m pooped!

And I’ve only just begun

I’ll leave you with a picture from last years garden

My lone little tomato


One thought on “Tis the Season

  1. MJ dear, you can get all the benefits plus extras for free by using cardboard boxes as your weed barrier. Open them flat- the weeds won’t be able to come up through them, they will attract earthworms as they decompose, and you don’t have to rip it out or work around it next year – it will be so decomposed that you can till it in next year.

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