Call Them Whatever You Want


It’s the beginning of a new year so it begins

“What are YOUR new year’s resolutions?”

Lose weight? Yep
Exercise more? Yep
Spend more time in the Word? Yep
Enjoy the family more? Yep

These resolutions are more than likely on just about every Christian’s list
Just like last year
And the year before
And the year before that!

Why do we think that because we put these as our goals EVERY year
We think somehow we have failed?
We are somehow programmed to believe that if we had them on there last year
And they are back again THIS year
We must have failed

I think our problem begins with the idea that we set goals like this once a year
I am of the mindset that we need to set goals like these

After all
God’s mercies are new every morning
And we need new mercies everyday
So why not make our resolutions a daily affair?

Honestly, most of our goals and resolutions
Will not be finished in a year
So why beat yourself up because you have made them AGAIN?

So my resolution for 2012 is this:
I will set goals for myself each day
I will not worry about tomorrow for each day has enough worries (goals) of its own
I plan to write these goals out each day but if I don’t
It’s okay
If I don’t get them written each day I will at least print them in my heart

Today I plan to:
Be kind
Be generous
Eat healthily
Take a walk
Read my Bible and devotion
Show unconditional love

What’s on your plate for today?


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