O Come Let Us Adore Him

One piece at a time, sometimes two

The dime store nativity was purchased

Each piece was arranged in the homemade papier mache creche

Only one of the children paid mind to the scene

A little girl with strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes

With a somberness beyond her years

She looked forward to the placing of the manger each Christmas

She took her job seriously

Each piece was put just so

The angel here

The camels there

The kings in proper position as they presented their gifts to the King of kings

As the years went by

The set began to show deterioration

The angel that once stood high in the rafters

Had fallen more than once to the ground

The halo surrounding the head of baby Jesus

Had grown dull

And the sheep had trouble standing on their own

Repairs were made and even though they were quite obvious

They added that much more character to the beloved nativity

For more than 50 years

This chalkware cast of characters

Has graced my home

Every year without fail

I lovingly unwrap each piece as though they were made of gold

And place them reverently in their position

One of honor and respect

But as much as I adore this symbol of my Savior’s birth

I adore and love Him more


2 thoughts on “O Come Let Us Adore Him

  1. I love this thought. Our traditions should point to how precious He is and how much we value the love He is giving us continuously.

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