The Massacre at the Christmas Inflatable Ranch

I was driving into the city

(actually, just a bigger town than where I live)

To Christmas shop

As I was toodling down the road

What should my green eyes behold

But an entire TOWN of inflatables


On the ground!

Now, don’t get me wrong dear readers

I LOVE Christmas decorations

Lights, tinsel, ornaments and holly

(not really on the tinsel thing up there)

But really, Inflatables??

And not just one but and entire yard full?!

This yard had not one or two

But at least 15 or 20!

Or so it seemed

I didn’t grab a photo ’cause I was heading to SHOP!

I made plans to stop on my way home


I shopped til dark! Woot! Woot!

When I drove by

Inflatable ranch was inflated

And LIT!

And they had some competition from across the road

I honestly think planes were landing in their back yards!

That section of road was as bright as day!

So, before I send off these words of wisdom to you, my readers

I’m going to brave the nastiness which is today’s weather

And get that pic!

Wish it were better but you get the general idea!


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