Thanksgiving Morning


Up early

Only the gentle hum of the heater breaks the silence

Twinkle lights in the kitchen put off a festive glow

The sun not yet peeking over the horizon

On this day set aside for thanks giving

I am truly thank full

Blessings over flow and overtake us

Family: Our children all serving God and loving each other

Provision: We all have employment, vehicles, food, clothing and shelter

Health: Each of us walk in divine health healing and wholeness

Peace: Our homes are filled with the peace of God

Friends: We have true friendships with so many; not just aquaintances

Technology: It is a blessing because it allows us to find and maintain connections

Opportunities: We have the privilege to minister to people every day

Jesus: Our salvation, healer and deliverer

Holy Spirit: Our guide and comforter

God: Our Father

Mark: My friend, my heart- mate, my knight in shining armor

You: My readers, my encouragers, my editors, my friends

Thank You, Father for every good gift and every perfect gift!


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Morning

  1. We have so much to be thankful for. Stopping & making a list is something we should do at least monthly. We are blessed! Love your thoughts/words on Thanksgiving! Hope you & your family have a great day!

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