2 1/2 Days in Techno-land


I spent a lifetime 2 1/2 days with my hubby at a technology for churches convention

Please, put me out of my misery

I went because he asked me

He assured me it would be fun

Does he not know me at all after 30+ years?

It was about as much “fun” as hammering bamboo under my fingernails

I promise, that first day I was thinking of ways to try and “pay him back”

I couldn’t think of anything that would be as painful for him as this convention was for me

I was determined to learn something, tho


I felt I needed to gain benefit from this conference if for no other reason than to pay for my ticket

I attended classes

I took copious notes

Even tho most of the time I had NO idea what was being said

Charlie Brown’s teacher was easier to understand

That first day was BRUTAL!

I was exhausted from listening and trying to put what I “learned” into compartments I could draw on later

I know I was walking around the Dallas convention center like a zombie

One guy felt so sorry for me, he offered me a VIP pass to a booth that had snacks to eat and couches to sit on

That’s when I saw a sign— Starbucks-Lobby C

We were in D

How far can D be from C you might ask

A very L-O-N-G way

I schlepped my way over to C

Exhausted, glassy eyed and just a bit more than ticked

Only to discover that my mecca was


I tell you, I lost it

Tears welled up

Feet swelled up

And I was fed up!

The free concert with a Chris Tomlin sound-a-like could not entice me to stay one more minute in this foreign land

I wanted nothing more than to go back to the hotel and pack!

Mark, being the wise man that he is

Knew I had reached my limit

We left that place as fast as our tired bodies would move

A quick bite of dinner and we were in our hotel room


Seems even techno savvy people such as my hubby have a limit, too

We were asleep in no time at all

The next morning we awoke refreshed

Back again

A foreign land with a foreign language


But, I did find a class that was at least a little interesting and the gentleman spoke a language that I recognized, for the most part

And the two keynote speakers were good and enjoyable…

Maybe because they didn’t speak technology

They spoke “Jesus”


Something I understand!

All in all

It was an experience I hope I don’t have to revisit any time soon

But one thing I do appreciate now that I never really thought of before-

Techies worship God

They just use different tools to do so!


One thought on “2 1/2 Days in Techno-land

  1. I understand what you are saying. I used to go to the National Assocation of Broadcasters conventions with Roger and it lasted 4 days. I would go for 1 day and the other 3 days were mine to read, shop, etc. It worked well.

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