If Buttons Could Talk

Button! Button!

Who’s got the button?

Apparently, quite a few people!

It seems button collecting is quite the rage

Mason jars full of interesting color bits of the past

I dare say that most of us that are over the age of 50 had a grandma or two that collected the little pieces of history

I remember when we would visit my grandma

Sometime during the visit the button tin would make an appearance

Grandma kept her buttons in an old beat up red tin

She would pop the top on it and inside there was a couple of soapstone sticks

at least that’s what she called them

Their sole purpose in her life

Was to search thru the button tin

Hundreds of pieces of nostalgia

“If buttons were money, we’d all be rich”

Buttons from my grandpa’s coats, dress shirts, work shirts, vests and pants

His dungaree buttons and even a cuff link

She would examine the buttons and then tell the story behind them

“This button came off that pink shantung dress I wore to my first dance with your grandpa”

“This one came from my swimming dress I wore when I went with my chums to the creek”

“I used these little white buttons on a sweet little gown I made for your mother when she was a baby”

Many times during her reminiscing she would pull out her quilts and proceed to show me the piece of quilt material that corresponded with many of her favorite buttons

For many years my mom would add to grandma’s button tin

Buttons from my daddy’s uniforms: the grey ones were from his wool winter uniform and the whites one from his summer cottons

A few from my siblings clothes

Possibly some from mine

Since I’ve come into ownership of the tin

I’ve added a few

A pink heart shaped button from Sara’s overalls

But most of the buttons I’ve added have never been used

They were the extras that we get when we buy new clothes

I have never removed the buttons from an article of clothing

When our clothes get too worn for wear

They get binned; buttons and all

If they are still wearable and just not wanted

They go to the thriftstore

Hopefully with all their buttons!

I recently pulled that red tin from the shelf in the closet

I picked up the soapstone stick and

Proceeded to explore

I found the deeply textured button that came from grandma’s everyday coat

Daddy’s uniform buttons

Sara’s heart button

Brand new buttons still on the card

10 cents for 5 golden brown dress buttons!

Pieces of my history

Pieces of my heart

I took those pieces out of the red tin and used quite a few of them

I glued them onto a lampshade from a lamp we use in our bedroom

Now everytime I turn on that lamp

I can take a trip

Back to grandma’s house and hear the stories all over again

Sshh…the buttons are talking


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