Life and Times of Marijo

I wrote Life and Times of Nana because it seems to me

When you are in the middle of life

Sometimes all you can see are the negatives

It’s hard work being care-giver Nana

I needed to stop and reflect on all the joys

Such as it is in every day life

We need to stop

Reflect on all the joys and goodness

Every good gift comes from our Father

Daily He loads us with benefits

If we aren’t careful

The gifts and the benefits will go unnoticed


I washed our clothes

Washed our area rugs

Mopped the kitchen floor

Found a little bit of counter space in the kitchen

Shredded over 2 years of receipts and junk mail

Winterized our bed

Cleaned the bedroom ceiling fan

Washed dishes

Reheated homemade chicken soup

Laughed with my sweetie

Emptied trash cans

Lit a cinnamon candle

Enjoyed a cup of pumpkin spice coffee

Made omelets for breakfast

Watched an episode of I Love Lucy

Figured out what was wrong with our Wii Mote charging pad

Played a game on my phone

Talked with friends via Facebook

Had dinner out with my sweetie


Had a date night adventure in WalMart

Chatted with friends

Chatted with strangers


Watered plants

Swept the floors

Started fixing up an old lampshade

Thought about a million things

Planned my Saturday

Talked with some of my children

Thought about pumpkin scones and frozen pumpkin custard


Meditated on the Word



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