Life and Times of Nana


I braided a Mermaid’s hair

Killed a spider

Fed fudgsicles for lunch

Stroked a baby’s face as she took a nap

Painted with water

Ate mac n cheese

Fixed oatmeal

Fixed crustless cheese sandwiches

Listened to a thousand giggles

(and some yelling)

Wiped noses


Read an alphabet book

Had an alphabet book read to me

Put rainbow colored flowers on little hands

Kissed boo boos

Wrapped baby dolls in blankets

Peeled a banana

Helped a tiny person sit on the big people’s potty

(more than once)

Found hidden lumps in soft and cozy blankets

Watched a Care Bear movie

Helped a convalescent make a thank you card

Watched as two ordinary dresses became princess gowns

Took pictures of two sleeping beauties

And listened to a thousand questions

All in a days work for this Nana


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