I A Princess! I Bootiful!

All it takes is a little pink dress and the transformation is complete
She went from ordinary to extraordinary in a flash
From boring to magical
From menial to talented
All because of a little pink dress

She changed her clothes and suddenly
The world was hers
Her face lit up
Her demeanor changed
She knew she was “bootiful”
She proclaimed “I a princess”

How many of us fail to see how beautiful we are
when we put on the righteousness of Christ?
Our filthy sinful self is gone
And we are clothed in Righteousness
We are beautiful
We are princesses


3 thoughts on “I A Princess! I Bootiful!

  1. I very much like this post. I saw a t-shirt today in Eureka Springs that said something about “I’m a Princess because I the daughter of a King!” Kind of the same lines…

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