Fall Is In The Air

Pumpkins and hay bales and Fall colored mums

Apple crisp, pumpkin bread, hot cider and stew

The long hot summer is a not too distant memory

Soon the trees will be crowned in beautiful shades of

Yellow and Orange and Red

Crisp morning air

Soft fluffy sweaters and boots

The days are getting shorter

The sun less intense

The majority of the harvest is complete

The barns are full

Waiting for the cold of Winter to set in

My time of year

A walk with my favorite guy

Thru a multi-colored carpet of leaves

Talking of everything and nothing at all

Perhaps preparing in our hearts and minds for Winter

And so it is in the life of this couple

Spring-when love was young and so were we

Fresh faced and energetic

Starry eyed and romantic

Summer-watching the children grow

Guiding and encouraging our seedlings

Seeing them mature

Praying and hoping that we did the right things

Fall-Comfortable and content

Realizing that Summer doesn’t last forever

Relaxed yet confident

Watching as our offspring start their own seasons of life

Looking upon our Harvest and knowing

It’s all good


3 thoughts on “Fall Is In The Air

  1. This made me think about what Larry wrote a couple years ago about how wonderful it is to take the back roads. When we were young, we were on the expressways of life. Didn’t have time to stop & enjoy the trip. Now that we are older, we enjoy taking the back roads, walking in the park, and just enjoy being together. We have had many seasons in our lives and I’m thankful I’m in the Fall now. Not ready for the Winter season tho. lol Keep writing – really enjoy readying your blog.

  2. There is a sweetness to each season. Wisdom is in taking time to enjoy each one. Using the pause button to look around and savor all that is around you is a wonderful gift from God. And the love for that special guy in your life is pure gold.

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