I Didn’t Do All The Right Things

By today’s standards

Andy Griffith would probably be cited for child abuse

When Opie accidentally killed a mama bird

Andy opened a window and made Opie listen to the crying baby birds all night

They were crying for their mama who wasn’t coming back

Even I thought Andy was pretty harsh

That is until I had children of my own

Raising children to be mature adults can be most challenging

Too often parents want to protect their little darlings from harsh realities and heartbreaking disappointments

When we deny our children the opportunity of taking responsibility for their actions or experiencing failure or adversity

We are stunting their maturation process

I’m not advocating that all our children need to be thrown to the wolves or thrown under the bus

But if they don’t learn to walk through the obstacles of life while still in the nest

How will they ever learn to fly?


2 thoughts on “I Didn’t Do All The Right Things

  1. I so agree. How can our children trust us if they think only good things will happen to them. Teaching them how to walk through the hard times is a major part of the ministry God has given to us.

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