I’m Feeling…

…so LittleHouseOnThePrairie-ish

With this heatwave that Oklahoma seems to be locked in

I try very hard NOT to run anything heat producing or extra electricity using during the day

So, I run the FULL dishwasher at night

I run the FULL washer at night

Problem is

I don’t stay up late enough to run a FULL dryer at night


Come morning, I have a dilemma

Do I run the dryer in the heat of the day


Let the clothes sit until nightfall?

Let me tell you this

Just one day in this heat and those clothes are no longer “springtime fresh”!

Here comes Laura Ingles

I ran my own clothes line!

It’s rigged, at best, but it works!

My towels are on it now

It is so hot outside that if I were to check

I’m pretty sure the first things I hung were dry by the time I finished hanging the load!

Just call me “Ma”!


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