Food For Your Face

A challenge!

A little over a week ago I started using raw, pure honey to wash my face

Yes, I did!

Let me tell you

It Is Awesome!

Put your hair back

Take about 1/2 tsp of honey in your hands

Rub together

Then slather over your face

Make sure you get some on your lips

After all, you want them smooth too

Wait as long as you want or as little as you need to


Easy peasy!

You will love it!

Your skin will love it!

Your tummy will love it!

(if you lick your lips during the procedure)

My skin is softer than ever and looks good enough to go without foundation

I wear a little mineral bronzer for color and go!

I found the challenge at this blog


One thought on “Food For Your Face

  1. I have visions of honey bees flying around my face. Honey is supposed to be that natural food that is good for everything.

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