I Fought the Law(n)

 and the Law(n) won!

I give!

I’ve thrown in the towel!

I’ve cajoled my last!

I quit!

It’s hot and the grass doesn’t seem to mind but the tomatoes do

The zucchini doesn’t want to produce

The corn is stunted

The cucumbers have resigned

Banana peppers are done

Cabbage surrendered before it started

And I don’t think the broccoli would come out even for a cheese bath!

The final straw came this morning

I went outside at dawn because that is the only time of day that it isn’t sweltering

Cold drink in hand

I walk to my lil plot of heaven on earth

Take a step in towards the squash vines and


Some kind of insect stung my foot!

They have taken up residency under my squash vines

I don’t know how many there are but it seems like millions!


I abdicate!

Have at it crabcrass

Enjoy your sheltered home you lil stinging creatures

Come forth rabbit and deer!

The buffet is waiting

I’ll leave a salt block out there for your dining pleasure


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