A Whole Lot of Weed

Just barely daylight

Something cold to drink in hand

Time to look over the garden

I’ve spoken of my little plot before

So same song

Different verse

Grass is doing fine

Veggies doing their best

I’ve hoed

I’ve pulled

I’ve coaxed

I’ve introduced like plants to one another

I’ve pulled weeds until my hands are blistered

My nails are broken

My gloves are worn out

But still I hope

Even though I really have wanted to throw in the white flag

Go ahead! Return to the grassy patch beside the driveway that you once were!

Then I turn over a prickly leaf and there in the shelter of this little plant

A cucumber!

There is nothing quite like eating a cucumber that produced against all odds

In spite of extremely hot dry weather

In spite of all my hard work

In spite of the fact that I don’t have a CLUE as to what I’m doing


Next year

Look out grassy patch that thinks it won

I’ll be back!

Armed with more knowledge

And even more determination

I have plans for you my little pretty

Consider yourself warned

For this year tho

I will continue my battle of the crabgrass
(or crap grass, as my daddy used to call it)

And enjoy the fruits of the labor of my generous BFF!


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