In the Good Ole Summer Time

It has been HOT in Oklahoma

Over 100

For days

Seems like forever

Can it be that only 6 or 7 weeks ago

We were complaining about the cool rainy weather we were having?


It’s not cool or rainy anymore

It’s HOT and DRY

The grass is crunchy under my feet

The cicadas are singing in the trees

It smells hot

You know that burning grass mixed with hot asphalt smell

Takes me back in time

It was summer and it was hot

My daddy worked for Carnation milk company

(I really AM the milkman’s daughter)

Down the street from our house was a little shopping strip

There was a convenience store called U-totem

A Daylight Donut shop

An icecream and burger joint called Tastee Freez

There were other little shops like a dry cleaner’s but they aren’t relevant to my story

A couple of times during the week my dad’s milk route took him to that group of stores

When I was out of school for summer break he would pick me up and let me “help” him

I thought I was so important

I was working just as hard as I could to show daddy how strong I was and what a good worker I was

I lifted those crates of milk and soft serve

I checked the inventory against the order sheet

I slung the crates toward the opening of the truck so they could be loaded on the dolly and wheeled into the store

Daddy let me do all the work I wanted

It gave him a break and he knew how much I wanted to please him with my diligence

After the crates were unloaded in the coolers

we would chat just a bit with the owners

You know, I don’t remember kids working in these places

It was always the owners

They would tell me what a good job I was doing and what a help I was to my dad

I was as proud as I could be

Then daddy would load me back up in the truck and take me back down the street to our house

There I received my pay

An ice cold pint of chocolate milk!

There has never been a paycheck that could compare with that velvety smooth chocolate goodness

Try as I might to find that taste again

I can’t

Daddy is gone now and I guess so is Carnation milk company

But when the dog days of summer roll around

I remember that little girl with long pigtails and her carton of chocolate milk

And I smile


2 thoughts on “In the Good Ole Summer Time

  1. …a sweet, sweet memory. When I grew up there was a chocolate malted milk frozen in an upside down paper cup with a stick in the middle. It would melt in your mouth. It probably tasted better because we were kids.

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