As Barney would say, “It’s therapetic!”

I don’t know why driving with the rag top down on the car is so therapeutic

But it is

I just get in the car and turn on my driving tunes and


No worries no deadlines no one to make happy

Just God, me and music

Life doesn’t get much better than that

Some may say it is selfish

That I should be spending time with husband or children or the grands

But I have found if I don’t just Get Away

Life then Gets in the Way

I need time to listen and pray and just think

I’m like every other wifemothernanafriendemployee in the world

I get on overload

Every wants/needs a piece of me

Pretty soon the pieces are too tattered to be of any use

Jesus had to get away

The Son of God needed time to pray and think and mentally rest

So do I

All it took was about an hour behind the wheel

A cup of cappuccino

A gallon or two of gasoline

And the cobwebs were blown out of my mind

I could hear God

I relaxed



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