Food Fun Family Friends

Not necessarily in that order!
We had fun…we laughed, watched children at play, watched grown men and women run like the dickens when fireworks went awry!
We ate….burgers, dogs, angel eggs, baked beans, grilled veggies, chips, potato salad, tomatoes, pickles, chocolate cupcakes and banana pudding! The german chocolate ice cream wasn’t set yet, but let me tell you, it’s good!
Not all the family made it over but those that could, did.
Friends shared the day….they hadn’t been over for a couple of years for the holiday but they made it this year and brought their girls, who are now young women. We had a great time!
The fireworks were awesome! Pretty and Loud! But the best part was the clearing of the seating area when a “rocket’s red glare” came our way!

I think this is what we should do at least once a week. I think I shall declare that. We shall cook out every Friday evening this summer and if you can come over, let me know (so we have enough food on the grill) and we shall eat and laugh and talk and watch the children play and be thankful that we can be together!


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