Another Birthday!

The 23rd of June

Another Napier was born

Had she been first, she still would have been last

She started out stubborn and has continued on since

But, oh so beautiful!

A head of hair so soft

Blue eyes so blue

Arms and legs so chubby

And a bump and gash on the top of her head!

She did have a bruiser quality about her

She joined her brother and sister

and held her own

Nothing and no one could sway her

Opinionated and strong

Her name means “industrious one”

That, she is

            She knows what she wants and she goes after it

She’s grown into quite the young lady

Beautiful inside and out

Singing and dancing her way through life

She lights up a room when she walks in

She has a good eye for photography and natural talent alone will take her far

but she is going to photography school to soar higher and farther

Her dreams are to lead people to worship thru singing and dance

Her work will one day be photography but at present

she is an awesome childcare provider who truly cares about the children in her care

She’s brought us much joy

and some frustration

(sometimes it was hard to convince her that our way was better than hers)

But we wouldn’t have her any other way

Even when I’m old and grey

She will always be my baby girl


One thought on “Another Birthday!

  1. And aren’t you glad that she is her own person – creative and artistic – with a heart for those who need her

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