You’re So Vain!

You probably think this Blog is about you!

If it is

Take heed

If it isn’t


(soapbox moment)


adherence to moral principles; honesty


doing the right thing even if no one is looking

A man’s word is his bond


How often do we throw out the statement

“I’ll be praying for you”  or tell someone we will do this or that but never follow through?

What about the little white lie? It’s so small, surely it won’t be a big deal

As parents, who hasn’t stressed over and over to our children to always tell the truth?

If you speak lies, and that’s what it is called when you say you will do something and then don’t,

how can anyone trust when you are telling the truth?

Why should you be trusted when you talk out of both sides of your mouth?

Please don’t tell me how great I am and wonderful I am especially after I’ve heard other lies come out of your mouth ’cause it stands to reason, if I believe one statement I should believe the other

The Bible says to speak the truth in love

I don’t have to lie I just have to be careful with my speech

I must weigh my words carefully before I turn them loose

Life and Death are in the power of the tongue

Blessings and Cursings

Truth and Deceit

Which will you choose today?


Yes, I have been lied to lately
I’ve  heard lies too
And I also told someone I would do something and then I promptly forgot to do it
For that, I am sorry!
So see, this blog is about me, too!


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